IMMStar: Cellular digital signage solutions


The digital signage market for advertising and content sharing in point of purchase (POP) is evolving rapidly. The advanced technologies and the multiple exposures to advertising messages per person allow new opportunities to arise, but at the same time challenging questions as well:

  • How can the distributor, advertiser, and retailer co-operate smoothly, in a cost-effective way for all?
  • In terms of Media consumption, how do people behave in POP in the Era of progressive use of internet and cellular and what massages they will be able to /would like to consume during purchase process?
  • How does one create a coherent & attractive message for target audience in the POP?
  • How can the advertiser naturally integrate advertising messages on the products shelf and display?

Identifying the opportunities & being able to answer these questions, means margin generating - and sometimes even survival.

IMM Star was founded in 2006 to develop & supply complete & advanced technology as an answer for these questions. IMM Star is the daughter company of IMM Technologies, expert for BTL promotion, Media network operating & advertisement for the past 15 years in 32 countries world-wide.

According to both advertisers & Retailers IMM star OOH (OUT-OF-HOME) digital signage products are proved to be more effective then traditional OOH formats or other digital signage technologies in terms of superior effect over sales values, shopping experience, scalability of results and cost effective solution.

Our products allow easy implementation and management of digital signage infrastructure thanks to advanced cellular connection (no cables), and simple remote management, as simple as Email is managed.

The system enable the advertiser to manage the advertisements dynamically, rapidly and effectively (no technical knowledge is required).

IMM star's tailor made GSM technology and special hardware/software developed exclusively for a digital signage solution allows the company to lead the market in terms of cost - effective results.

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