IMMStar: Cellular digital signage solutions


Can I get real-time activity reports regarding the displays deployed in different locations and in several retail networks? Can the information be viewed transparently and filtered by displayed content, updates made, connectivity, days, hours and location? view the answer
The unique software developed by IMM star allows access from any computer, using personal user name & password. The content management system (CMS) enables the content manager to get information about the location of each display, number of displays, files that are transmitted, and to monitor the connection and examine ongoing status. In addition, the system allows control over the content, updating and changing content according to the screens location and broadcasting hours - a significant advantage of targeted advertising that is focused on the various audience & points of sale. hide the answer
Does IMM star cellular digital signage products require special infrastructure such as computer, network connection adjacent to the units and / or wireless internet connection? view the answer

No need for any kind of infrastructure!

End units are "independent units", receiving the content through GPRS (cellular communication) technology. This technology allows flexibility and mobility that enables you to place the units under any conditions or requirements, with no dependence on internet and / or communication IT provider.

We are at our best, when conditions are too complicated for the rest...

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What is the rate of power consumption of the devices and are there any special requirements? view the answer

Power consumption required is a very low consuming of 5V/1A for media wizard and 12V/1A for the Shelf TV.

Significant electricity savings enables to place the unit away from power source and deploy cable feed on the shelf or display element without danger of electric shock.

IMM STAR products have been developed as safe units, consume low voltage (DC) and can be exercised with standard power sources - V220/V110.

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Which type of file format can be uploaded for playing ? view the answer
The Media Wizard and the Shelf TV are linked to a unique content management system (CMS) that allows the content manager to upload different file types and formats such as FLV. WMV, SWF, MPG and more... The system performs an automatic conversion to an AVI file. hide the answer
What is the information security level of IMM star cellular digital signage solutions? view the answer

IMM Star realizes the importance of encryption & authentication that enable limited access to content presented on local display screens in points of sale or services.

The content is managed by the server, which is protected according to most severe SSL-256bit protocol.

The communication between the server & the end device relies on the cellular network.

The device IP address is determined by the data SIM card and protected according to the cellular operator most strict privacy policy.

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Resolution view the answer

Shelf TV, should be provided in relation to screen contents: 16.9, Resolution: 512X288, 640X360, 768X432, 1024X576, 800X450.

Bit rate (bit rate):

  • Mpeg1 / 2 to 3000 Kbps or higher.
  • Avi (Xvid / Divx) - 550 Kbps or higher.

Media wizard: By ratio & resolution of the screen that is connected to the MEDIA WIZARD.

Bit rate (bit rate):

  • Mpeg 1 / 2 - 8000 Kbps or higher.
  • Avi (Xvid / Divx) - 1500 Kbps or higher.

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For which screens the Media wizard fits? view the answer

The Media Wizard is suitable for all types of LCD, plasma; LED screens in an open/ or closed space.

There is no limitation in terms of screen size. The device fits any monitor that doesn't have an internal media player.

Note: the content ratio needs to be adjustable to screen resolution.

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Is there any limitation to the Media wizard location and can it be used in outdoor displays? view the answer
All products can be placed IN DOOR and OUT DOOR and if needed through a designated case that prevents exposure to weather conditions and internal warming. hide the answer
What special technical skills are required during installation? view the answer
IMM STAR PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGY have been developed in a way that allows simple installation and does not require complicated technical knowledge. Unlike the technical staff needed in based digital signage system infrastructure, the required qualifications needed for IMM star product installation is the same skills required for other traditional advertising tools (just plug and play). hide the answer
What are the benefits in using GPRS technology? view the answer

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a technology for transferring data such as GSM, cellular telephone networks, (standard cellular communication networks). When the display unit receive data uploaded by the user, or when the unit is sending "keep alive" signal to confirm status - GPRS increase the data transfer rates and reduces costs.

Furthermore, thanks to GPRS and no infrastructure requirements - installation, troubleshooting and content managements are at low operational costs.

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Is it possible to combine content with incoming updates such as news headlines and promotions that run on the screen as a strip (RSS)? view the answer
IMM star's products can easily combine broadcast information which will appear on a defined location in the screen. It is recommended to implement this element in screens size of 17" and more. In screens smaller than - 17" the RSS strip will be too small and therefore less effective. hide the answer