IMMStar: Cellular digital signage solutions

PRODUCTS. Order the Hardware & licensing period you find suitable for your needs.

IMMStar invites you to a world of innovation of hardware applications using G.S.M Technology that will open up before you business opportunities allowing you to create your own media network in house at a fraction of the cost. That has been offered to you up until now. See our solutions for in house media networks in Restaurants, Pubs, Cafe's, Hotels, Taxis, Buses, Minibuses, Retail Outlets and Outdoor Digital Signage.

Our products provide solutions that meet with the needs of the advertiser, POP owner & the distributor at the point of purchase:

  • Simple installation.
  • Full remote control and system status monitoring.
  • Managing content for a complete network of display.
  • Messages and Content management according to a changing campaign, promotions, period of time, etc.
  • Automatic file adaptation for specific resolution and file type.
  • Upgraded shopping experience and active communication with implosive shoppers, at the exact time of the purchase itself.
  • Cost-effective POP advertisement device.
  • Promoting messages aimed at the potential buyer while making purchasing decisions.
  • Short and long term Increase in sales!