IMMStar: Cellular digital signage solutions


IMM STAR is committed to its reseller's success, Support and accompanies them in all aspects: BTL advertisement, content, Marketing, Technology, production, installation and more.

We believe in creating a win-win on going reality with our resellers.

Our reseller's enjoy premium technology, content management system for their clients and support by a professional control room during global working hours.

Reseller's at IMM STAR can offer a tailor made solution that will fit client's policy & budget by different business models Sales / Rental / Leasing / Media infrastructure partnership.


Designated division in our control-room will be in charge of your account and offer technical support & customer service 1-800 call center during local activity hours.

Call center will provide distant support regarding software & hardware questions / troubleshooting.

IMM Star will designate a technical team for the territory, which will perform maintenance & supervision treatments on the company servers to insure smooth operation.

If needed, team leader will visit your site.

IMM Star technical team will support & back-up the installation procedures in the field from the control center, guide your field personnel through upgrade treatments and supervise smooth performance of digital media content update on each and every one of the deployed units.

In addition, IMM Star will supply 2 days guidance to confirm successful know-how transfer and ability to run the system (manage content) independently.

Digital content control is made possible by IMM Star's software & infrastructure that is owned and managed by us for our clients world-wide.

When both sides agree upon the need - local server and control room can be established.